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With over forty years of experience in the fashion and apparel industry International Laundry has created a look that will get you noticed.

While maintaining a commitment to elegance and style, we have not lost sight of quality. Each garment is created using only the finest materials from all over the world.

International Laundry has created a lifestyle brand of sportswear consisting of casual short sleeves, classic and stylish long sleeves, elegant sweaters and knitwear, casual blazers, jackets and bottoms. Every detail characterized by impeccable craftsmanship applied to extraordinary materials with a taste for elegance, a passion for color, and close attention to the details that add up to perfection. It is the small details that set us apart. Great styling and quality are not something we take for granted.

Our Mission
Whatever part of the world you live in or are travelling to, International Laundry is comfortable and distinctive while offering fashion, style, coloring and weight best suited for you. We believe that when you look your best you are at your best!

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